Where will an Aerotek Customer Service Job take you?

A customer service job at Aerotek will enable you to learn the fundamentals of business policies and practices, communication, prioritization and other leadership skills to further your career. As a customer support professional, you will be responsible for ensuring that Aerotek's contract employees, clients and the office staff receive superior human resource, payroll and benefits support.

Many of our customer support professionals start their career at Aerotek in an administrative role, allowing an individual to understand the organization and learn about the industry, while building valuable customer service and management skills. For candidates with previous customer service experience, positions are available for entry level to mid-level customer support and management.

Opportunities for advancement throughout your career path into a customer support management or regional customer support management and director roles can be achieved with the right mix of perseverance, hard work and success.

The Role of a Customer Support Associate

The essential duties and responsibilities of the customer service associate are to facilitate all accounting related issues and act as a primary liaison between the corporate office and the internal and external customers we serve - employees, clients and local sales teams.

The Role of an Administrative Assistant

Our administrative assistants often make the first impression on our customers. They must maintain a high level of professionalism and impeccable standards for personal attitude, behavior and appearance. You'll provide customer service to internal and external customers by managing the front desk console and interacting with customers over the phone and in person. This is a great way to transition into future jobs in customer service and/or further employment opportunities within our organization.

Career Path for Aerotek Customer Service Jobs

Administrative Assistant An Administrative Assistant ensures that Aerotek’s contract employees, clients and local sales teams receive superior customer service. A primary function of this role is to provide administrative support to both internal and external employees.

Customer Support Associate A Customer Support Associate serves as the primary liaison for all activities related to human resources, payroll and benefits. He or she is responsible for providing customer service to contract employees, clients and sales teams and coordinating with Aerotek’s corporate office for accounting related support.

Customer Support Supervisor A Customer Support Supervisor is responsible for all customer related services in his or her assigned sales offices. He or she will coordinate with the Regional Field Manager to develop communication processes and ensure overall compliance of operations.

Regional Field Manager A Regional Field Manager focuses on educating field support personnel in the areas of compliance, development and effective communication within the region. He or she will partner with sales and corporate leadership to communicate operational goals, objectives, policies and procedures.

Director of Field Support A Director of Field Support oversees and manages the field support group. He or she will ensure alignment of the group with the company’s goals and objectives and be responsible for field office compliance ranging from payroll accuracy to unemployment.

Advanced Leadership Opportunities for advancement into an executive leadership role can be realized with the right mix of perseverance, hard work and success along the way.

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