Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of Aerotek’s core values and a pillar of our business. As a leading recruiting and staffing provider, valuing, respecting and learning from the differences that make our workplace, workforce and marketplace unique is critical to our success.

At Aerotek, we are committed to making diversity and inclusion a part of everything we do. Through diversity and inclusion initiatives, we increase our effectiveness, leverage our strategic advantages and maximize our ability to service our customers. We do this by embedding diversity and inclusion into our:

How can we work together?


We strive to create an environment of inclusiveness where every employee is valued and respected for their unique differences. An inclusive workplace enriches our employee and customer experience, drives innovation and optimizes our performance as an organization.


We aim to build diverse teams that are reflective of the communities we serve. The different perspectives and experiences of our workforce give us the competitive edge that is vital for success in an ever-changing multicultural world.


We have positioned diversity and inclusion as a catalyst for achieving our business objectives. Through our strategic alliances with diverse organizations in the communities where we live, work and serve, we consistently deliver high-quality, market-specific business solutions to our customers.

Diversity & Inclusion Report To learn more about our diversity and inclusion efforts, please download our full report. Download Full Report

At Aerotek, we value the different experiences and perspectives that every individual brings to our organization. As Aerotek grows, we continue to integrate diversity and inclusion into our business. Through our commitment to creating an inclusive environment where people are celebrated for their differences, our workplace, workforce and marketplace will continue to thrive.

– Todd Mohr

Todd Mohr Todd Mohr
President, Aerotek
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