America's role in biomedical science advancements


America's role in biomedical science advancements
America's role in biomedical science advancements

For decades, European companies had the forefront when it came to developing new products and offering improved services in the biomedical industry. However, toward the turn of the century, the U.S. forged ahead to become one of the premiere countries for advancements in the biomedical field, which has in turn sent competition for U.S. jobs in this sector skyward. 

America's place in the international biomedical industry grew more prominent due to a number of factors, including favorable federal policies that were introduced in the 1980s, clear-cut rules on regulatory approvals, zero price controls and the rise of a number of prestigious universities where research flourished, according to Seeking Alpha. 

All this culminated in an environment in which universities and industry members and new businesses and finance firms worked together to create an ideal place for the advancement of biomedical science. 

Now, the U.S. has become a leader in the field, with enclaves of research and development institutions appearing from Boston to Seattle. Because of the growth that started a few decades ago, a number of new jobs have opened up throughout the country. However, as firms that work in the biomedical sector seek out top talent, many are competing for a handful of the best and the brightest. 

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News recently detailed what it believes will be the most in-demand jobs in the biomedical sector in the next 10 years. The list included several positions that have grown in demand as more of these biomedical clusters appear around the country. 

According to the news source, biochemists and biomedical engineers will be in extremely high demand over the next decade. Job seekers should have experience studying things like proteins and illnesses, as well as testing drugs developed to combat health problems. 

Research and development scientists, as well as process development experts, also topped the list of the most in-demand biomedical jobs for the coming decade. Job seekers should have experience developing manufacturing processes within a lab environment. Because these specialists also supervise others in the lab, they are encouraged to have strong communication and organizational skills, in addition to a vast knowledge of the biological sciences.

As the demand for these workers has picked up, staffing companies, like Aerotek, have been able to quickly recruit and place quality candidates, helping biomedical firms expand their work. To learn more, visit Aerotek at the upcoming Pittcon Conference and Expo, which is held every year to sponsor and support educational and charitable work that will ultimately advance the world of science.