Aviation staffing poised to aid Wisconsin economy


Aviation staffing poised to aid Wisconsin economy
Aviation staffing poised to aid Wisconsin economy

While Wisconsin's economy lost 3,900 private sector jobs last month, the figures still represented an improvement of 13,500 positions over December 2010, and the state looks poised to increase its aviation staffing significantly.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 7.1 percent jobless rate last month represented a 0.2 percent drop from November and a 0.4 percent decline from the same month in 2010.

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newson said in a statement alongside the monthly jobs report that all indications seem to point towards a positive outlook for the state's economy, reported the Milwaukee Business Journal.

"Challenges remain, but the latest data show we finished 2011 with more Wisconsinites working, record postings of over 151,500 on JobCenterofWisconsin.com, and higher state sales and withholding tax collections over the year, all of which point to economic growth for our state," Newson noted.

Though the service sector took a hit in Wisconsin last month, manufacturing staffing continued to post solid gains, adding 3,300 more jobs over November and 9,300 more than in December 2010. Construction staffing also reportedly improved in Wisconsin last month, but remained below December 2010 levels, according to the Business Journal.

While construction and manufacturing are helping lead the economic recovery in Wisconsin, a recent announcement by a startup aircraft company signals that aviation staffing is also poised to improve the local labor market.

According to the Superior Telegram, the company is planning to build its manufacturing plant in the city of Superior, Wisconsin, potentially creating 600 new jobs in the process.

Aviation suppliers are also likely to benefit from the move, with some expected to even relocate to Wisconsin in order to limit transportation costs involved, the news source reported.

Rob West, the chief executive officer of the Area Partnership for Economic Development, told the news source that the Twin Ports region has already seen a significant boost in aviation staffing from a number of companies, and this most recent announcement will only add to that.

"We are positioning ourselves as a major center for manufacturing general aviation aircraft," West said. "It really puts this region, the Twin Ports, on the general aviation map."