Better identifying the best candidates for the job


Better identifying the best candidates for the job.
Better identifying the best candidates for the job.

Any hiring manager is devoted to finding the best and brightest employees possible for whatever position they're looking to fill. Though it can be difficult in some cases to pinpoint precisely what makes these candidates ideal, there are a few signs to look out for. 

While enthusiasm won't hurt any applicant, knowing where to draw the line in their behavior can tell you when an applicant likely won't be a positive fit for the position, according to US News and World Report. There's a difference between a dedicated worker and someone too pushy, and knowing that distinction can save you from hiring someone who will likely clash with the company and leave you back at the drawing board.

There's a deeper list of references than just the ones your applicant may give you, and those sources are much more likely to give you a realistic view of their abilities. So when it comes time to vet a hopeful candidate, don't just rely on the shortlist of positive reports if you receive any warning signs in the process. Using a LinkedIn page or their resume's work history will give you additional leads while you're researching their abilities - contacting an old employer may help you avoid hiring someone who may not have the qualities you expect them to.

Personality, honesty are best policies
While it may seem foolish to leave a great candidate on the cutting room floor, the importance of having an honest and personable employee that can work well with your intended direction can't be overstated. If your interviewees aren't likely to open up and show their real personalities in response to your questions, don't let that be a deal-breaker, but seeing strengths and weaknesses can give you a much better shot toward knowing how they'll work out in the long run. Great skills are a plus, but they need to come with the right personality - otherwise, your overall production may drop when your employees frequently clash.

Many of the worries involved with finding the "perfect" employee are overstated - instead, turning to a staffing agency for leads on great employees shouldn't be discounted. Whether you're in need of a contract or long-term hire, they'll likely have a small army of potential hires willing and ready to hop into whatever role you need them to take.

Speed trumps all
New research into hiring practices found that the foremost reason candidates may turn down job offers is that the overall hiring process took too long, according to Fox Small Business. Almost 40 percent of surveyed individuals reported, further, that they had rejected offers because they received additional offers from other companies beforehand. While moving too fast can be a slight risk, moving too slow can be worse - this means if you find a hopeful who fits well with your ideal candidate, locking down his or her services early may save a lot of consternation. Otherwise, it may be difficult to ensure they won't turn their sights to another company.

As the job market steadily improves, employers need to appeal more to their potential employees - candidates have also reported passing on job offers because of relocation or salary problems, among others. A happy employee will lead to overall improvement through your business, and spicing up their potential benefits may go a long way in ensuring their services. Just as much as you need to confirm they're a right fit for your company, they need to make sure your company is right for them.