Building leadership at the 2013 AIA Convention


Building leadership at the 2013 AIA Convention
Building leadership at the 2013 AIA Convention

At this year's American Institute of Architects Convention in Denver, Colorado, the theme will be "Building Leaders" – Leadership for Architecture; Leadership Beyond Architecture, which demonstrates the design engineering and architecture community's devotion to using design to make the world better. 

Participants will include architects and design engineers who will come together to discuss what contributions they have already made, and what challenges – and solutions for overcoming them – lie ahead. By discussing design, industry leaders can learn how to use architecture to improve the life and health of the planet and those living on it. The AIA stated that the convention will be a place to develop "citizen architects," who would work to promote communities around the world that focus on health and sustainability. 

Figuring out how to develop these communities is precisely what thousands of architects hope to do as they descend upon Denver on June 20. The city is a shining example of how planned development can help create a sustainable community. Being a town that arose on the promise of gold and other mined metals, it had the potential to go the way of many other ghost towns. 

However, city designers focused on allowing as much sunlight into the city streets as possible, included several parks into the design and focused on preserving the surrounding environment.

"Stories like this speak to the dreams, beliefs, and ideals of people everywhere," AIA wrote in its convention program. "As we'll hear in convention workshops and seminars, as we'll see on the tours of Denver's places made special by design, as we'll discover from the men and women whose leadership we will celebrate, ours is a story not only of inspiration, but of a quality of hope, action, engagement, and compassion that makes a positive difference. All achieved through leadership."

Branching out
This year, more participants than ever will be able to learn from the discussions and keynote speakers that go on during the event, thanks to new technologies and high-speed internet that will connect the program to anyone with a computer. While the event has typically been reserved for architects within driving distance of the location, this year, non-architects and non-AIA members alike will be able to tune in. 

The live-streaming will be available via computers, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Discussions will include how a passion for design can lead to a better world as well as the latest concepts and developments in the world of architecture. 

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