Finance staffing on the rise in Arizona


Finance firms are staffing roles across the nation, due to an improving business climate.
Finance firms are staffing roles across the nation, due to an improving business climate.

Hiring is picking up in the finance industry, with many firms in the sector expected to be staffing hundreds of positions. This expansion in job opportunities has been attributed to many factors, including improving business for insurers and rising use of credit cards, according to The Arizona Republic. Stock market indices are enjoying a steady improvement, and fewer banks are becoming insolvent.

One area where improving job prospects can be seen in financial firms is Phoenix, Arizona. State Farm spokesman Phil Supple told the media outlet that the insurer plans to hire 3,000 people across the nation in 2012, many of which will be staffed in the Phoenix metropolitan area. A lot of new job opportunities will stem from retirements and people who are motivated to leave their jobs by other factors.

Chase, which currently supports more than 11,000 positions in Arizona, is hiring for several types of jobs, including those related to the mortgage industry, the news source reports.

"Our total openings as of today are 236," Chase spokeswoman Mary Jane Rogers told the media outlet. "That includes positions at all levels of the company - tellers, customer-service representatives, managers and bankers."

Financial firm USAA plans to hire 30 people this quarter to assist in the processing of mortgages, the news source reports.

"Over the course of 2012, we will be hiring continually to fill positions that are either currently open or will open," Lisa Holmes, executive director of USAA's people-services area, told the media outlet. "Most of those roles will be in our insurance-claims and policy-service area."

Another area where finance staffing can be seen is Columbus, Ohio. JPMorgan Chase & Co. plans to hire 350 people in the area over the span of five years, according to a statement.

This announcement follows the 2,500 jobs that have been added by the financial institution in the last year in Columbus. The bank is the region's largest employer, supporting 19,000 jobs. Once the latest expansion has been completed, the company will have added 6,000 new positions in Central Ohio after it merged with Bank One in 2004.

The bank will hire these workers as part of a plan to expand facilities, which will involve the company investing $18 million two properties that exist on Polaris Parkway

Positions related to wealth management, information technology and both business and consumer banking will be created in the expansion, according to Columbus Dispatch. The jobs are high-paying, and some have salaries that could reach $100,000 or more.

"Chase continues to offer a growing number of career opportunities at a great company in Columbus," James Malz, president of Chase in Ohio, said in a statement. "In addition, the new jobs bring new investment in the community as our real estate needs grow and we customize workspaces to welcome new colleagues."

Two buildings have been leased by the bank, including one 72,000-square-foot facility in Columbus and a 83,000-square-foot structure in Westerville. The bank will begin moving employees into the Columbus building in March, and into the Westerville facility during the summer. The building in Columbus, called the McCoy Center, currently houses more than 10,000 workers. It is the largest facility that the bank owns.

The company currently owns close to 4 million square feet of property in Central Ohio. In 2004, the bank owned around 3 million square feet of office space in the region. Whereas the company employed 12,500 people in Central Ohio in 2004, it will provide 19,000 employees with work after staffing the new roles that are included in the expansion.