Improving recruiting practices in four steps


Improving recruiting practices in four steps
Improving recruiting practices in four steps

Companies everywhere are increasingly searching for ways to improve their recruiting practices, but many continue to fall into the same traps that take up valuable time and resources. However, it can be surprisingly simple for hiring managers to improve their practices, as their staffing can result in higher-quality employees faster and more effectively by following five tips.

"The rule of five"
Some companies go through extensive hiring processes when searching for employees. After sorting out the dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes they receive, they'll slowly determine the best overall candidates over an extensive series of interviews, trying their hardest to narrow their options. However, according to Forbes, this process can be overly complicated and expensive, taking up resources and allowing some of the best candidates to slip away over time. 

In 2011, Google drastically reduced its hiring processes from this method. Where it once sent prospective hires through as many as a dozen interviews and meetings, they limited their approach to five interviews. This "rule of five" allows for a quicker process, forces hiring managers to be more direct and targeted in their hiring process and provides momentum that could otherwise let a first choice receive and accept another company's job offer.

Treat them as they desire
In many cases, the hiring process will be very employer-oriented. However, when a candidate's job searching, there's no guarantee that low offer will be anywhere close to what another company can offer. In addition, if the offer goes too low, that candidate's mood in the job hunt will turn - they may feel undervalued and even insulted, removing any desire to work for that company.

Instead, during the hiring process, recruiters need to be fair. That's not to say they should spend outside of their means to land a candidate, but they should allow candidates to know exactly what role they'll play in the company. More importantly, this will make a worker feel more confident, not only improving their mood during the hiring process but giving a boost to their overall efforts if hired.

Use targeted hiring methods
While placing an ad on a popular job board will bring a wide variety of applications to a manager's inbox, there are different methods that can help harness a better crop of employees, according to Small Biz Trends. LinkedIn is the most prominent - it can allow for managers to target employees who have specific interests, skills or experience they're looking for. Frequent browsing can even help hand-pick candidates, who can be given a direct job offer.

Additionally, staffing agencies can provide a way to find excellent employees without needing to recruit at all. Agencies will do the recruiting and vetting of the right worker, testing and checking everything about their work history. This way, there's no need to be stuck with a wrong hire.