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Washington county's jobless rate plummets as aerospace staffing leads job creation

The unemployment rate for Snohomish County dropped to 8.7 percent in October from 10.1 the same month in 2010, according to a Labor Market Update for the county. The reading for October 2011 was the lowest one since late in 2008, Snohomish County Business Journal reports.

While unemployment rate remains steady, Oklahoma sees aerospace staffing boost

The Oklahoma unemployment rate did not drop as it did in a majority of states during November, but the Sooner State continues to see aerospace staffing additions, according to recent reports.

Aerospace & defense staffing boosts Indiana as unemployment remains relatively steady

While the unemployment rate in Indiana sits at 9 percent, the state has witnessed a recent spike in aerospace & defense staffing, which could help turn the local economy around.

University of South Carolina to boost aerospace staffing in the state

The president of the University of South Carolina announced recently that the college is aiming to raise $1 billion by the summer of 2015 for a number of initiatives, including one that could spark aerospace staffing.

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