Industry News - March 2012

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Hawaii jobless rate drops to three-year low in February

Hawaii's jobless rate dropped to its lowest point in three years in February.

Space Florida CEO wants to triple regional aerospace jobs

Space Florida's CEO recently told locals that his company intends create a surge in aerospace staffing in the state.

Daimler Trucks to complete engineering staffing

Automotive firms like Daimler are completing engineering staffing once again

Construction staffing rises in Napa County, California

Construction staffing rose in February in Napa County, California, and the unemployment rate dropped.

Minnesota construction job growth strong in February

Minnesota added more than 6,000 jobs in February, in industries ranging from healthcare to construction.

Aviation supports 56 million jobs worldwide, says report

The aviation industry is responsible for 56 million jobs throughout the world, according to a report.

Midwest manufacturing expands in January

The Chicago Fed Midwest Manufacturing Index gained 1.3 percent in January, denoting expanding activity.

Construction job growth strong nationwide

Construction job growth was positive in 35 states in January, with California adding the most positions.

Arizona job gains can be seen in energy and finance

Arizona's jobless rate is declining, and the improving labor market can be seen in the finance and energy industries.

Economists predict continued strong job creation

Economists predict that job creation will continue to be strong, instead of decelerating.

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