Industry News - April 2012

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Manufacturers powering jobs recovery in Mississippi

Manufacturing jobs are helping power a recovery in Mississippi, according to the results of a recent study.

Manufacturing staffing picks up in Indiana

A major engineering supplier in Indiana announced it plans to expand and hire more workers to meet demand.

Job prospects jump for new grads with accounting degrees

College seniors who majored in accounting are experiencing ample job opportunities as they enter the workforce.

Staffing index in Canada reaches pre-recession high

Staffing agencies in Canada are experiencing robust demand as the nation's companies increase hiring.

Sustainable energy projects spur job growth

A surge in green jobs in the U.S. is driving engineering staffing and construction staffing, among other sectors.

St. Louis renovation project to spur construction staffing

Construction staffing is making a comeback in St. Louis, according to recent reports.

Green technologies spur jump in engineering staffing

The U.S. economy is benefitting from the continued adoption of energy efficiency and green technologies.

Job opportunities jump for college graduates

College graduates, especially those with engineering degrees, are enjoying an improvement in job prospects.

Officials seek to hire engineers for new research facility

A new partnership between a university and private firm has fueled the need for engineers.

Pennsylvania aviation manufacturing firm to expand

Aviation manufacturing is continuing to drive an overall economic recovery.

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