Industry News - August 2012

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Sun shines on staffing services as solar market grows

As the Department of Energy provides more solar grants, developers could benefit from staffing services.

Temporary staffing comes roaring back

The U.S. economy is creating jobs, just not always in the places Americans think to look.

Pennsylvania labor shortage weighs on manufacturers' hiring

A dearth of skilled laborers is causing problems for Pennsylvania's manufacturing companies.

U.S. oil and gas sector fuels economy, jobs growth

Energy staffing may only go up from here.

Jump in construction jobs helps California boost employment

More Californians are finding work in the construction industry.

Return of manufacturing could expand middle class workforce

As more manufacturing jobs return from overseas, the U.S. middle class could begin to grow.

Space coast sees an increase in engineering jobs

Florida’s Space Coast is returning from the recession with gusto.

Companies expected to bring call center staffing back to U.S.

A new poll shows Americans hope call center staffing will return to the country.

Auto resurgence leaves Michigan scrambling for workers

With the U.S. auto industry rebounding, companies in Detroit are scouring the country for top engineers and mechanics.

Advanced manufacturing leads to job possibilities in New Hampshire

Innovative manufacturing technologies have transformed New Hampshire's economy.

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