Industry News - October 2013

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Hiring veterans can provide employers with valuable skills

Hiring veterans can be a great way for companies looking into staffing to snag great employees, and understanding their abilities before making decisions will help you improve your workforce.

Scientific and engineering jobs on the rebound across the country

After suffering from the financial downturn a few years ago, many scientific and engineering fields are rebounding, bringing with them plenty of jobs focused in a wide variety of regions across the country.

Engineering trends point toward continued strength, increased contract hiring

No matter where their specialties lie, engineers remain some of the most sought-after employees in the entire modern employment field. Their abilities to create and design modern society's needs and products allow their skills to always be in demand.

Solar industry seeing booming growth in business and employment

Throughout the solar industry, growth and jobs are booming both regionally and nationally, and recent predictions have led to further possibilities in the near future for tens of thousands of new jobs.

Improving recruiting practices in four steps

Companies everywhere are increasingly searching for ways to improve their recruiting practices, but many continue to fall into the same traps that take up valuable time and resources.

Retaining Millennials requires better recruitment

Millennials can play an important role in building and keeping a quality team together to better guide your company's future. However, the rates of Millennials leaving jobs are high, and their dissatisfaction with a job can begin during recruitment. Improving the retention of Millennials can have big effects from improving recruitment efforts alone.

Mechanical engineering in demand in Texas, electrical desired nationwide

Engineering professionals will be glad to know their industry as a whole appears to be progressing as fast as the technology its workers create, as several sectors in particular have opportunities for future growth.


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