Industry News - April 2013

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Employers may need to get creative when it comes to hiring

Any employer that has gotten stuck in a rut during the hiring process knows the frustration that goes along with it.

Spotting top talent through the candidate's interview questions

Keep a lookout for these questions during your next interview.

U.S. economy generates fewer private sector jobs than forecast, but hiring remains strong

ADP released its monthly employment report earlier this month, which showed that the private sector added fewer jobs than analysts had forecast in March, mostly because of subdued hiring in the construction sector.

Unemployment rate falls to four-year low, contract hiring on the rise

A pickup in contract staffing stands out amid weak full-time hiring numbers.

New report details fastest growing temporary jobs

A new report from CareerBuilder has outlined the fastest-growing jobs being filled by staffing agencies. The list suggests that anyone seeking such positions may want to contact such a firm, as these services have become a wildly popular option for both job seekers and employers.

Green jobs rising at a remarkable rate

Jobs abound in the renewable energy sector.

Manufacturing jobs for the 21st century

Manufacturing employment is picking up – and it has a whole new look.