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What to look for in a prospective employee

Looking for the right person to fill a position can be a long and frustrating search, but looking for the right signs from the beginning can make the experience much easier, helping you land the perfect employee.

Full-time and temporary hiring expected to continue growth through end of 2013

A new survey reveals that full-time hiring through the end of 2013 is expected to remain constant, while temporary and contract hiring is expected to continue its high levels of impressive growth.

Employers continued to add jobs, but jobless rate ticked up in May

Strong hiring and a growing labor force signal better times ahead.

Recruiting trends increasingly emphasize advances in technology

New recruiting trends are important for any company looking to attract great employees, and the latest practices can help you find the perfect person for the job.

Methods to help hire the right person for the job

The hiring process can be time-consuming and expensive, and between countless resumes, dozens of interviews and hours of decision-making, it sometimes seems easiest to pick a potential hire who looks like they've got everything desired on paper.

Employment rises in June, with numbers from April and May adjusted upward

For another month, employers across the United States added a strong number of jobs, while numbers from April and May were adjusted highly upward. Such continued growth is additional proof that the national economy is steadily improving, a great sign for Americans looking for jobs.

Conducting better interviews to find the right hire

Much has been said about what job seekers should do when entering a job interview, but it can be just as difficult for those doing the interviewing to know what and what not to do. However, it's easier than it may initially seem as long as you prepare the right way.

Strategies to hire better employees, whether in summer or year-round

Hiring can be a tricky process, especially in the uncertain summer period, and it's difficult to make sure you hire the right employee for any given position. Having a strategy to ensure you'll find the perfect match, whether the position is full-time or temporary, can prevent frustration and wasted time.

HR Pros share the impact of a bad hire

With a constant focus on innovation, businesses are changing and moving faster than ever – making employees their most valuable asset.


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