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Improving recruitment methods inside and outside your company

Keeping an eye open at all times and renewing efforts regularly are just two of many ways you can make your applicant pool become better than ever, experts say.

Improve hiring practices with more in-depth examination methods

Hiring practices can always be improved, and through improving how applications are accepted or rejected or adding additional methods of testing skills can improve your workforce in the long run.

Aerotek provides insight into hiring, training and retaining employees

Between July 2009 and December 2012, the average time it took for a company to fill an open position rose to 23 days from 15.4, suggesting companies are struggling to do more work with fewer employees and less available time. This has led to a change in the hiring expectations businesses have, which Aerotek explored in its recent Recruit or Retain Report.

Retaining employees takes trust and faith in them

Retaining employees can be a difficult prospect for employers, but following experts' advice in changing practices can help keep your best workers in your company.


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