Kansas set for uptick in scientific staffing as unemployment falls


Kansas set for uptick in scientific staffing as unemployment falls
Kansas set for uptick in scientific staffing as unemployment falls

The Kansas Department of Labor indicated recently that the state's unemployment rate fell to 6 percent in November, well below the national average of 8.6 percent.

Estimates suggest the state added 5,000 nonfarm and 4,500 private sector jobs last month, which accounted for the unemployment dip from October's level of 6.2 percent. In November 2010, the unemployment rate was 6.8 percent, noted the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Karin Brownlee, Kansas' Secretary of Labor, said in a statement that the unemployment drop was not deceiving, as more people began looking for jobs last month.

"During November, not only did the unemployment rate decrease, it did so with more people entering the labor force,” Brownlee said. "This is positive news."

As evidenced by its relatively low unemployment rate, Kansas has fared better than many states in terms of recovering from the financial crisis. The Capital-Journal reports private sector jobs have increased by more than 11,000 since last November, while nonfarm employment has grown 0.6 percent over the 12-month period.

Tyler Tenbrink, an economist, told the news source the state's economy is getting back on track as more jobs become available for an increasingly large workforce.

"More than 15,000 people joined the Kansas labor force during the past three months," said Tenbrink. "People are beginning to look for work again and, for now, the economy is producing enough jobs to fill the added demand, although a number of these jobs are seasonal in nature."

The Kansas economy is expected to continue improving into 2012, particularly with scientific staffing poised to increase. One pharmaceutical company, for instance, recently announced plans to expand its operations in Overland Park and create more than 600 new jobs.

In a release, the company encouraged individuals with healthcare and customer service experience to apply for the positions. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback called the firm "an outstanding corporate and community partner that has brought thousands of jobs to Overland Park since 2005."

"This is a true Kansas success story," Brownback added. "I am pleased that our state has been able to provide a skilled workforce and the right business environment, which has allowed the company to greatly exceed expectations."