Majority of major U.S. metro areas could benefit from temporary staffing services


Majority of major U.S. metro areas could benefit from temporary staffing services
Majority of major U.S. metro areas could benefit from temporary staffing services

Most of the country's largest metropolitan areas are still struggling to bring their employment levels back up to pre-recession numbers, as private sector jobs are still harder to come back than before the Great Recession, Business Journals reports.

According to the media outlet, a new study shows that four-fifths of metro areas still have higher unemployment rates than five years ago. The study looked at 102 different metropolises that have populations above 500,000. Of these, 85 lost jobs between September 2007 and 2012, while 17 reported a rise in the number of jobs that were created in that same time frame. However, this has led staffing companies to see a demand for their services, which is helping companies' remain resilient.

The study looked at data ranging back to the months before the recession officially began in December 2007, and incorporated the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the accompanying report, three metro areas in Texas demonstrated the largest increases in private sector employment in the five years following 2007. Houston was at the top of the list, adding 122,800 jobs in that period, while Austin came in second with 46,000 new jobs and San Antonio in third, with an increase of 24,500 jobs.

There were a handful of cities that added more than 10,000 private sector jobs in the studied period, which included Pittsburgh, Dallas- Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and New York City, the media outlet stated. Austin showed the largest percentage increase in private sector employment, rising 7.6 percent in the five-year period, which beat out Houston for first place with its 5.6 percent rise in employment.

The media outlet stated that the results weren't quite as rosy for the cities whose employment levels are still 10,000 jobs below pre-recession figures. Los Angeles is still in major recovery mode, down 333,300 jobs compared with 2007 data, while Chicago is still trying to recover 204,300 jobs, Miami is down 160,900 and Phoenix is trying to fill 150,800 positions to get back to 2007 levels.

With the hiring landscape still rocky, many job seekers are finding that temporary staffing agencies can offer exactly what they need as this time. With companies clearly needing to hire to get back to levels of productivity seen five years ago, many are bringing on temp workers to remain flexible.