Selecting the best Millennial workers


Selecting the best Millennial workers
Selecting the best Millennial workers

Summer hiring season is here, and as you sift through a new stack of resumes and cover letters, it may be beneficial to understand exactly what the Millennial generation has to offer your workplace, especially in the current economic climate and job market.

College Works, which selects young workers to complete painting projects on about 10,000 homes every year, is well-versed in finding employees from the youngest working generation. The company stated that about 40 million Millennials have started working in recent years, and many of these employees know far more about emerging technologies and trends within the industry than even some tenured employees at a company. Because of this keen insight, Millennials can be a great addition to any workforce.

By 2025, about 75 million workers are expected to enter the the professional working world. Knowing how to spot top talent in Millennials and how to retain them once they've been selected will be one of the biggest challenges going forward, and many companies still say they are skeptical about the abilities of this generation. One survey showed that 68 percent of respondents said they believe Millennials are less motivated than their working counterparts, while another 45 percent said they worry this age group isn't as engaged in work as older employees.

The mind of a Millennial
It's important to understand how Millennials operate to find the best talent and keep it. One of the most crucial factors is to offer mentorship, and to understand that this is how even candidates with the most potential operate. A new Millennial employee will most likely enter the workforce extremely ambitious, and it will be up to the employer to provide the necessary feedback to steer them in the right direction. MTV conducted one survey of the generation and found that 75 percent of Millennial employees expect to develop a relationship with a mentor after being hired.

If you want to attract the best young talent, show them you're willing to help them along the way.

"These people contribute energy, awareness of emerging trends, and a desire to learn. They can prove extremely useful to a company's culture. In order to attract these employees and help to add fresh perspective to a company, a business must understand what the most ambitious millennial workers are after," College Works said in a press release. "Though some hiring managers feel that bringing on inexperienced people is a detriment to the brand, in reality it can prove useful in helping that organization stay on top of new trends and developments, while appealing to younger consumers."

College Works added that in order to retain the best workers from this generation, it's imperative to offer a flexible workplace. The technology that Millennials grew up with has led many to feel that if it's possible to work from anywhere - and the work is completed well and on time - then it should be allowed. Offering a flexible schedule and remote working is a major draw for this generation.

"These people are excited to learn and can help a company to usher in a new era," College Works concluded.

According to TLNT magazine, building trust with this generation is also a critical component of making the workplace as attractive as possible. When interviewing a Millennial, it's best to describe how the company can lead to personal growth, an interesting career, unlimited opportunities and cooperative interdependence.

To build trust with a Millennial, a company must show it has everything the candidate expects out of a business. This includes a better work-life balance than has been seen in the past, and a highly technological workplace that streamlines duties.