Advanced job search tips for LinkedIn users


Advanced job search tips for LinkedIn users
Job seekers can benefit from advanced LinkedIn employment search tips.

The recent emphasis placed on the use of social media in job searching has revealed advanced tips that people looking for employment should be aware of.

One option that has recently become available for LinkedIn users is located in the "Skills & Experience" section, under the "More" tab, according to GroundReport. Users of the social media platform that navigate to this page will be able to enter various terms into the search function that exists there.

Job Seekers can put keywords, job titles and skills into the search box and gather research on the employment market that could be utilized when these candidates are looking for jobs, the media outlet reports.

Users who search under specific skills will find information on people with similar backgrounds and groups that cater to these individuals. The search results also provide information on the related industry, but it should be noted that the information that is used is gathered from Wikipedia.

Networking with individuals who list similar skills in their profiles might provide job seekers with access to more targeted job opportunities. Studying the profiles of people who enjoy similar skill sets might help a candidate to get ideas of how to best articulate the value they deliver to the market.

The search function can assist candidates by providing them with a list of notable employers that they can then do further research on. Although everyone has heard of a lot of Fortune 500 companies, there are many smaller employers with less visibility that are staffing positions.

Obtaining this list of companies of potential interest can provide a job seeker with a network of people they can connect with who might provide valuable referrals to hiring managers looking to fill positions. Any person applying to work at a company can use the information gathered through these means to research the culture, services, employees and demographic company of the employer.

Candidates should not go to interviews without performing due diligence on companies offering positions, and the aforementioned search features can help these job seekers to get the information they need.

Another matter that has gained visibility with market participants is the importance of having a profile photo, and using the right picture. Data provided by LinkedIn indicates that profiles that have a picture are seven times more likely to appear in searches performed by hiring managers and recruiters, according to Business Insider.

While some applicants have been worried that displaying a picture might make them targets of discrimination, certain market experts have contended that employers will probably get the information that they want through one of various means, the media outlet reports.

Employment attorney Eric B. Meyer has provided opinions mirroring this assertion, telling the the Society for Human Resources Management Next blog that "If a recruiter does not obtain demographic information directly from the potential hire, it is still possible that the recruiter will eventually "stumble upon" this information and see what you look like. That is, a recruiter is likely to Google you, and then check you out on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace."

He added that in cases such as theses, "the potential hire may have a difficult time establishing discrimination. Not only would the potential hire have to show that a decision not to hire was made based on demographic information, but also that the recruiter, in fact, obtained this information."

These difficulties illustrate the importance of including a headshot in a LinkedIn profile for those who are job searching.

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