April jobs reports shows growth in architecture, engineering jobs


April jobs reports shows growth in architecture, engineering jobs
April jobs reports shows growth in architecture, engineering jobs

The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed strong job growth and indicated many more jobs were added in February and March than originally noted. But tucked away inside the report was also great news for anyone looking for architectural or engineering jobs, which continued to grow last month. 

According to Architect Magazine, the BLS report noted the architecture and engineering services sector added 2,700 new jobs last month, supporting the industry jobs growth trend that has been evident for six months now. In March, the sector added 2,100 new jobs, which came after a stellar month in February, when 3,100 jobs were added. Architecture and engineering jobs also saw similar growth in December, November and October.

The official employment report from the government echoed the findings of the American Institute of Architects' (AIA's) Architecture Billings Index (ABI), which - along with most other employment readings - fell slightly in March. The group stated that if the two reports continue to mirror each other, it's likely architecture billings will see improvement in April. This reading is expected in about three weeks. 

Although overall construction employment wasn't as strong as it has been in the past, certain segments certainly saw strong jobs growth. According to the news source, the trade contractors segment of the report showed residential contractors added 7,100 jobs last month, helping the construction industry overall average 27,000 new jobs every month for the past half-year.

A positive outlook
The AIA also pointed out that the large upward revisions that were made on the latest jobs report could be a sign that similar revisions will be made in the months going forward. 

"Next month, we'll have a better view of what actually happened in April, when we find out if today's 165,000 jobs is revised up or down," the group said when the official data was released. "A little patience usually allows you to see a clearer picture in the end."

The architectural employment growth that was noted in February is in line with the broader forecast the BLS updated a few months ago. These projections show employment of architects is expected to rise 24 percent between 2010 and 2020 - faster than the average of all occupations - as demographic trends suggest demand for such services will continue to rise.

Similarly, BLS expects employment of civil engineers to rise by 19 percent in this period as more job openings become available. 

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