Be sure to understand the basics of the best hiring practices


Be sure to understand the basics of the best hiring practices
Be sure to understand the basics of the best hiring practices.

Too often, hiring managers struggle to seek out the top talent in a particular field, and their efforts sometime lead to wasted time and resources that only result in continuous employee turnover. This comes as the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high.

However, the economy can't be the scapegoat for every ideal candidate that got away, and often, hiring practices can be improved by focusing on the basics of bringing on new workers. Even if you find that you are experiencing high turnover rates and problematic hires, rest assured that there are a few simple steps you can take to get back on track. 

According to the Jamestown Post-Journal, one of the best ways to improve your hiring process is to pretend you're the one sitting in the interview chair

"Take the time to see what they see when deciding to apply. Try to remain objective. Compare your job postings or [advertisements] to those of your competitors. Navigate your career site to find and apply for a job," wrote Elizabeth P. Cipolla, founder of The Change Agent-See Leadership Development Company. "Visit one of the many 'rate your employer' websites to see what your current or former employees are anonymously saying about their experience at your company."

Show the candidates their value
Earning a reputation as a firm that offers an encouraging hiring process will ultimately help you attract the top talent. One CareerBuilder survey found that 15 percent of the 800,000 respondents said they had a lesser opinion of a company after being contacted for an interview. If you can give your potential employee a great experience throughout the hiring process, you'll be more likely to get a commitment from a top-quality candidate.

"Have the courtesy to tell applicants they didn't get the job. Don't allow your recruiting staff to be rude and inconsiderate to potential future employees during the interview process," Cipolla added. "Ensure you are responsive in returning emails or phone calls to applicants."

According to Inc., Mark Clark, an associate professor at American University, says hiring managers are often overconfident when it comes to finding the best worker. This can be dangerous, he says, as it often results in a rushed hiring process in which recruiters forget the basics of better hiring. Staffing companies perform every aspect of the hiring process, putting a focus on quality and letting a business focus on other tasks. 

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