Californians can use new tool to find a job


Californians can use new tool to find a job
Californians can use new tool to find a job

With unemployment still hovering above 8 percent, job seekers are taking any advantage they see to improve their job prospects. Now, job hunters in Saratoga, California, have a new tool at their disposal that can help them construct a powerful resume and learn how the internet can be used to find a job, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

According to the media outlet, the Santa Clara County Library District recently announced it is offering its JobScout program – an online social media platform that describes how the internet has changed the job search and instructs users how to develop the skills that will help them find jobs posted across the internet. Because it is offered online, job seekers can access the resource at any hour on any day, making is especially convenient for busy job hunters.

"Research indicates that about one in five Californians lack the essential Internet skills needed to find a job in today's market," said acting Santa Clara County librarian Nancy Howe. "We want our library patrons to feel empowered with basic digital literacy skills in self-paced online activities focused on Internet competencies, and also to have the opportunity to interact and network with other users on and offline."

The program is said to be a safe and easy way for people to enhance their internet-search skills, which will enable them to put together a long list of potential jobs. JobScout is highly interactive, and offers several tools that help people build resumes, find job postings and learn general information about searching the internet.

According to the news source, the resource also simplifies the job-finding process. For example, typing the word “accountant” into the Job Listing box on the website will begin a search in which the website scours the internet for accounting and finance jobs all over the country.

Santa Clara County’s job search program is similar to a number of other courses that have cropped up. With the job search taking place mostly online, it has become essential to use all available online tools. This includes social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, which not only can put a job seeker in touch with the right people, but can also be used to learn pertinent information about a particular industry by reading what sector thought leaders are posting and sharing.

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