Call center staffing grows with new facilities


Call center staffing grows with new facilities
Call center staffing grows with new facilities

As companies expand their operations throughout the U.S., demand for customer service grows too, requiring businesses to set up new call centers that can field questions from thousands of customers. This has led to a rise in call center staffing, especially for two companies with big projects on the horizon.

According to New Mexico Business Weekly, outsourced call center Sitel announced on September 18 that it has retained a large new retail client, which will drive the need for another 150 call center workers at its Albuquerque facility. The announcement comes shortly after Sitel hired 250 workers at its Las Cruces call center, where workers take calls fromclients found in the banking industry, as well as provide customer service to callers for the satellite TV industry.

The new facility will be the company's fifth expansion in only two years.

The company stated that the 150 new workers will be necessary to support a "new award-winning retail client known for a passion and commitment to philanthropic efforts worldwide."

"Sitel is growing, and with the addition of another exciting new account we are hiring 150 qualified customer service professionals during the month of October," Jerry Kinnick, Sitel senior vice president of operations, said in a release.

Creating jobs for communities
New call centers are having an effect on several cities and towns. According to the Enquirer-Herald, DaVita Inc., a kidney care services provider, recently announced it has opened a new guest services contact center in Centennial, Colorado, located near Denver.

According to the media outlet, the call center is already serving the company's customers from all over the nation, and has created about 100 jobs for the community.

"Denver welcomed DaVita into its community and we’ve found the right talent and space here to expand," said Jim Keicher, DaVita’s vice president of information technology. "Our main focus continues to be hiring teammates who will help thousands of kidney care patients with their day to day needs at home, and while they’re traveling."

Workers at the center will take and place calls to and from doctors, hospitals, patients and family members.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of customer service representatives is expected to grow 15 percent in the 10-year period leading up to 2020 as consumers demand products and services that often need the support of call centers. 

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