Changing your job search for the new year


Changing your job search for the new year
Changing your job search for the new year

It's almost 2014, which means the new year will bring about plenty of resolutions and pledges for millions of people to improve themselves in some way. For those job searching, they may want to put their focus on their job searching methods, as with only a few select changes, they may find themselves having better luck than ever.

For instance, according to Mashable, it's a good idea to take a few minutes over the holidays to ensure your social media websites portray you as the best candidate you can be. As 92 percent of employers use social media to make a final decision on who to hire, job-proofing social media will be a major benefit and only take a few minutes to boot. Simply consider your postings in the light of close family members - if they'd disapprove, either delete the posts or make them private or invisible.

While on those websites, however, it's also a good idea to readjust your strategies. Spending hours on LinkedIn will be most effective if you have developed a targeted focus, such as reading up on different companies in your industry or building a reputation in a group. For those searching on various websites, it's also important to make sure your profiles are best attuned to specific desires - you don't want your efforts to be spent on jobs you're not entirely interested in.

Use recruiters to expand your search
It's also good advice to take control over the searching process by finding tentative fixes to companies' problems, according to US News and World Report. Being able to strongly discuss a company's business and industry, and present potential ways to improve any problems they might experience, will be a great step up for any interview. To better build reconaissance on an industry you may not be an expert on, you may want to consider working with a staffing services company. Many companies have plenty of experience working in a variety of industries, which means they'll have expertise that they'll lend to your need.

In addition, learning new skills during this time, if possible, can be a big boon in tech fields. For instance web development and data analysis are highly demanded by many companies as they become more relevant than ever in the modern day. Being able to fill these roles can help you enter a field starving for qualified candidates. If it's possible to learn such skills, they can bolster a resume heavily.

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