Clean energy jobs could surge around the country


Clean energy jobs could surge around the country
Clean energy jobs could surge around the country

The annual Solar Power International Convention is set to get underway in Orlando early next month, as interest in renewable energy has risen significantly across the country. In fact, hundreds of new jobs could soon open up around the country as more states adopt green policies that aim to significantly increase clean energy staffing.

In New Jersey, the potential for 600 new clean energy jobs has lifted the state to seventh in the country among clean energy job-creating areas, a new report found. According to the Bergen Record, the Environmental Entrepreneurs, a group of experts that works closely with  the Natural Resources Defense Council, announced that the state currently has a total of 600 active or potential clean energy jobs.

This has brought New Jersey way up from first-quarter rankings, when it was 18th. The report counted all jobs involved with clean energy in both the government and private businesses.

"The good news is that despite the challenging economic and political environment, the clean energy industry is still creating badly needed American jobs all across the country," Judith Albert, executive director of Environmental Entrepreneurs, said in a conference call Wednesday.

The report detailed several projects that have created or will create clean energy jobs in the manufacturing, public transportation, power generation and energy efficiency industries. The first project discussed in the report was an $11 million  tax credit rebate that spurred more solar panel installations in Gloucester City, which created 200 jobs.

In Michigan, a new renewable energy ballot initiative is expected to double the amount of clean energy jobs throughout the state, CleanTechnica reports.

According to the news source, the state of Michigan is planning to raise its renewable energy standard to 25 percent by 2025, which would reportedly double clean energy staffing, a new Michigan State University study found.

The initiative was recently selected to appear on the November ballot, and if voters OK the measure, the state would raise its current RES from 10 percent. Such an increase would create more than 74,500 green collar jobs, and as many as 113,850 jobs total.

According to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, there are currently 80,000 clean energy jobs throughout Michigan. It also noted that the ballot measure could bring in more than $10 billion in new investments. The most-used renewable energy source is expected to be wind energy, which would directly and indirectly create more than 30,000 jobs.

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