Contract staffing numbers are rising, and for good reason


Contract staffing numbers are rising, and for good reason
Contract staffing numbers are rising, and for good reason.

The unemployment rate may have risen slightly to 7.6 percent last month, but the contract staffing industry is still in full force, noting the strongest employment of any sector in May. With a total of 175,000 jobs added, staffing companies were responsible for creating 26,000 of these positions. 

This trend is nothing new. For years now, staffing agencies have been pumping more employees into the workforce as employers continue to opt for the flexibility and resilience that comes from this hiring solution. But the growth in this sector can be chalked up to the employees themselves, too, as this form of work is increasingly becoming a strong career choice. 

According to MSN Money, the temporary help services corner of the BLS report has been one of the only constants for months, and there's a simple reason behind this - job seekers are relatively easily finding work through these companies. Whether it's part-time or short-term, candidates are having more luck finding jobs through staffing firms than on their own. 

Growing popularity
According to the news source, one of the greatest benefits of working for a staffing company is that it works for you. These companies focus on the direct needs of applicants, and only receive payment once the candidate is placed. If you stay active in the job search and have the right skills, staffing companies can quickly find you work. 

Many candidates are using the service of these companies to also gain experience in a number of different industries. Even if you have the title of a contract worker, that doesn't mean you can't learn all there is to know about a particular sector by fully engaging with people at the workplace. This is ideal if you are still searching for the right career path, as it will give you a chance to try on, so to speak, several different job titles in various fields. In a sense, you can build your own corporate training rotation to learn the ins and outs of positions you may be interested in. 

While this is a great opportunity for fresh college graduates, it can also be used for anyone looking to make a career change, the news source stated. 

Full-time jobs await
Before using a staffing company, job seekers may say they're looking for full-time, permanent work, as opposed to a contract position. However, many times a company sees so much success or potential in its contract employee that it decides to bring the worker on full time.

While companies may tend to use a staffing company as a way to test the candidate without going through the hassle of immediately bringing on a full-time worker, job seekers may also use this time to see if the industry and/or company fit their needs as well before going permanent.

The best way to make your contract position into a permanent placement is to show you can quickly adapt and learn, and that you're ready to take on any task given to you. 

The latest government data show the workforce is growing, which could be a boon for these staffing companies. In May, the total workforce measured 155.7 million workers strong, marking a 420,000 increase from the previous month. 

According to ABC News, senior Welch Consulting economist Stephen Bronars stated that while it's good more people are looking for work, the labor force participation rate is still lower than it should be.

"The participation rate is still quite low, even after adjusting for the aging of the U.S. workforce, so we can expect the unemployment rate to stay in this range – near 7.5 percent  – throughout the rest of the year," he said.

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