Drafting the perfect resume


Drafting the perfect resume
Drafting the perfect resume

Job searching without a resume is pretty much impossible, but what may be even harder is actually landing an interview or job without a well-written resume, hiring consultant Roxanne Hori wrote in Bloomberg.

According to Hori, who has critiqued and edited more than 1,000 resumes and seen several thousand more throughout her career, developing an effective, unique resume is crucial for going about a successful job search. To start, she said, it is important to keep one thing in mind when writing a resume: know yourself.

"Think of your resume as your calling card. Self-reflection and assessment are critical first steps in developing a powerful resume," she wrote. "What is the recipient of your resume supposed to learn after reviewing it? You need to know which skills you want to use in your next role, and how your past experiences qualify you for the job for which you are applying."

Hori stated that job seekers often overlook the power of using an active voice on a resume. Some see it as just a place to "regurgitate" their job description, but this, she says, is not an effective way to grab an employer's attention. Rather, the resume should be engaging and use active verbs to excite readers and leave them wanting more.

The resume is also an ideal place to show the results of previous roles that have been held. The goal of a resume is to set yourself apart from the crowd, especially in today's hiring environment. By demonstrating what measurable impacts you have made on past companies, you make yourself more memorable and also display your willingness to make a strong contribution to a company.

New technology has led to a change in the way hiring managers take on their stack of applications, allowing them to weed out the least promising resumes early on. This is also an easy opportunity to stand out by highlighting the right keywords.

"Review the job description, and be sure to include in your resume key words found in that description," she wrote. "Ideally you are focused on the types of opportunities for which you are applying."

Putting together a strong resume is always crucial, but is especially important in a competitive jobs market. According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, new figures from the Commerce Department show the U.S. economy grew at a 1.3 percent rate in the April-June quarter, however this may still be too weak to strongly boost hiring.

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