Engineers in demand in aerospace jobs market


Engineers in demand in aerospace jobs market
Engineers in demand in aerospace jobs market

The highly competitive aerospace manufacturing market, where the world's top planemakers Boeing and Airbus have been sparring for years to control the skies, has driven the demand for aerospace engineers higher and higher, the Agence France-Presse reports.

According to the news source, there is currently a global insufficiency of skilled workers, which are badly needed by aerospace manufacturing companies that are preparing to meet the demand for some 20,000 aircraft in the next two decades. Some of the largest aerospace companies in the world have adopted new ways to seek out the best talent to ramp up their engineer staffing.

Europe's Airbus, for example, is putting Twitter to good use by communicating with potential engineers and spreading the word about the company's international recruitment day on June 30, during which Airbus will interview 100 applicants selected from more than 6,500 job seekers.

Arch rival Boeing says it is alarmed at the lack of talented aerospace engineers that are coming out of U.S. institutions. Vice president for human resources Rick Stephens told the media outlet that U.S. universities produce up to 74,000 engineering graduates each year, however, "we don't see enough students completing engineering degrees to be able to fill what we believe will be the needs" of the industry.

This feeding frenzy on any and all available aerospace engineers was perhaps evidenced best when Boeing shut down its factory in Wichita, Kansas in early 2012. When an influx of engineers hit the jobs market, "everybody pounds after them, Airbus and Bombardier," said Airbus' human resources vice president Thierry Baril said. "It's a little war for talent."

According to the media outlet, overall, the largest aerospace manufacturers in the U.S. have been working in recent years to ensure the industry as a whole is stocked with enough skilled workers to meet the demand in the coming years.

"We all agreed that we would help create a large talent pool and then we could go and fight for them," said Stephens. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the duties of aerospace engineers include designing planes, spacecraft, satellites and defense products. Employment of aerospace engineers is expected to increase 5 percent during the 10-year period between 2010 and 2020.

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