Experts share their knowledge on finding a dream job


Experts share their knowledge on finding a dream job
Experts share their knowledge on finding a dream job

Whether a recent college graduate or an experienced worker changing fields, many people often hope to convert their personal passion into a rewarding career, and with so many success stories of individuals and startups who hit the big time, this seems attainable.

However, finding a job without a strong framework in place will not likely result in connecting your career with your passion. Instead, experts say, it takes a combination of talent, self-awareness, focus and curiosity to make the perfect job a reality.

According to a recent article in Forbes, being inquisitive and self-aware can help layout a path toward a dream job. The most important factor, says author Erika Andersen, is to stay curious in your search.

"Get curious and explore," she wrote. "Then notice your own reaction."

By doing so, you can uncover the right information, meet contacts who will further put you in touch with the field and allow yourself to experience situations that will tell you if your passion can truly make the leap into becoming a profession.

This "productive curiosity," as Andersen calls it, can be broken down into three steps. First, it is important to do the right research to determine what your passion truly is. Then it takes arranging informational meetings and interviews with people already active in the desired field and taking part in any activities going on in that sector.

According to the Toronto Star, it is certainly possible to turn a passion into a career, but the proper framework must be in place before you begin job searching. Lisa Taylor, president of talent and career-advice program Challenge Factory, wrote that it takes a balanced approach to create a job out of a passion.

"Instead of following your passion, I prefer a more balanced approach – one that involves doing what you love, meeting your needs, and using your talents," she said.

But no matter what your passion is, it is crucial to remain up to speed on the current needs of companies. According to the Huffington Post, Intern Sushi CEO Shara Senderhoff said it is important to outline passions as well as acquired skills when deciding which job to go for. This includes scouring social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, to find what skills are in demand, and developing a way to incorporate these into your dream job. 

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