Experts urge job hunters to volunteer


Experts urge job hunters to volunteer
Volunteering can help improve a person's job prospects.

The search for a job can be stressful and time-consuming, but it does not always have to be. According to experts, job seekers can bolster their chances of being hired in a number of unconventional ways.

U.S. News reports that for job seekers in today's labor economy, it is important to stand out among the competition. Employment agencies help thousands of workers find jobs each month, and experts with experience in the industry are increasingly urging those seeking a job to consider volunteer work.

While it may seem unlikely that a company would be interested in a job candidate's volunteer and philanthropic work, hiring managers often have difficulty distinguishing among the scores of applications they must look through. As a result, they routinely search for any kind of area where one candidate may excel.

Volunteering for a nonprofit organization can not only improve a job candidate's standing in his or her own community, but also increase that person's chances of being hired, according to job experts. Volunteering for a nonprofit or local community group can help a job seeker expand his or her network and enhance his or her skills. What's more, it can also help improve overall quality of life.

According to job experts, volunteerism can also help those who have been laid off by their former employers. Such job seekers can fill in their resume with their volunteer work. By doing so, hiring managers will see that a job candidate has kept busy even when laid off.

"First, you'll have work to put on your resume that fills a period of no activity. When a prospective employer asks how you’ve been spending the time since leaving your last job, you’ll be able to talk about the pro bono work you’ve been doing for a worthwhile cause," according to the news provider.

Moreover, volunteer work can also help people acquire new skills. Job seekers and others can help improve the daily functioning of a nonprofit organization through such charitable work. It is also a perfect time for professionals to hone their own skills. If, for example, a local nonprofit needs help designing a website, a computer scientist or web engineer can use his or her skills to create an entirely new interface, one that can be shown to potential employers.

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