Face-to-face matters when it comes to hiring


Face-to-face matters when it comes to hiring
Face-to-face matters when it comes to hiring

In Morristown, New Jersey, job searching has been far from easy for hundreds of people who are unemployed. Deanna Palmieri has been out of work ever since shutting down her insurance business to go back to school for medical coding and billing, and has been applying for job online to no avail.

But Palmieri was one of 124 that discovered the importance of meeting an employer face to face, rather than just over the internet, at the recent job fair that was hosted by the Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown, the Daily Record reports.

“Employers are inundated with applications. They need to see your face for you to have a chance," Palmieri said.

In the first eight months of 2012, 7.8 percent of Morris County's 275,000 workers were out of a job. Midway through the summer, unemployment hit a high of 21,000 people. Morris County typically ranks higher than surrounding communities for income opportunities and economic viability, and also has better community support, according to the most recent report from the United Way of Northern New Jersey.

Now in it's ninth year, the Community Soup Kitchen job fair has continually "offered Morris County’s unemployed an opportunity to meet with a number of different employers at the same time," said the kitchen's assistant director Lois Nichols.

According to the media outlet, the event helped area job seekers boost their confidence by sitting them down with employers, allowing them to get one-on-one time with recruiters. The various companies at the event offered their own type of assistance to those looking for jobs, Nichols explained. 

"Meeting face-to-face helps people secure an interview. Travelers offers interview skills and resume building. Dress for Success and Pathways to Work provide other important resources for people," Nichols said. "The Morris County School of Technology discusses the education aspects that help people take the next step."

There are untold benefits to meeting with prospective employers in person, compared with corresponding strictly through email or even phones. Aside from job fairs, one of the best ways to ensure facetime with a recruiter is to actively pursue information interviews.

According to the University of California, Los Angeles Career Center, before scheduling one of these interviews, it is crucial to draft a script of what you anticipate will be said and which questions you believe might be asked. This will help ease any anxiety and boost the chances of a successful meeting.

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