Getting back to work through temporary employment


Getting back to work through temporary employment
Getting back to work through temporary employment

Job seekers all over the country may benefit from a new book written by author Cathy A. Reilly, which offers a new perspective on finding a job that can get Americans back to work in a shorter period. Whether a candidate is looking for a part-time position, long-term flexible work or a traditional, full-time job, temporary employment has proven to create new avenues for people who otherwise may have felt out of luck.

As more companies take a just-in-time approach to hiring, which can result in major cost savings, both companies of all sizes and those who are job searching around the country are benefiting. By taking on a temporary position, workers can see several advantages that are not offered by more traditional jobs.

A prime example is the better references that can be given after working as a temp. This type of work often leads to new business contacts, since many contract workers often have access to upper level managers and executives during certain work assignments. If the work is done well, these higher ups could pass on a strong referral to the candidate's next position. What's more, managers could be so impressed by the work done during a temp gig that they offer a full-time job. Essentially, temping serves as an audition for a job seeker.

"Frequently, job seekers can limit themselves by an 'all or nothing' perspective in looking only for conventional, full-time permanent work. They either don't know about temporary employment or don't explore it because of misconceptions," Reilly said in press release, noting that employment firms can help match temps with strong opportunities. 

However, she noted, it takes more than just asking for work to receive a temporary position. There is growing competition for the spots, prompting many agencies to screen applicants through tests that measure their abilities in areas such as technology, adaptability and corporate cultural fit.

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