Getting noticed by recruiters


Getting noticed by recruiters
Getting noticed by recruiters

Sometimes, a good job search will entail doing everything you can to get noticed by a recruiter. To do this, you'll need to understand what it is these employment agencies are looking for. Remember that it will likely be more fruitful for you to spend a lot of time focusing on building relationships with a few recruiters, rather than blindly sending your resume out into cyberspace.

While it is true that recruiters can identify you through piles of resumes, there are two much more common ways that you could get noticed by a headhunter.

According to Yahoo News, recruiters are networking machines that are always on the prowl for good talent, whether it's in person or on the internet. You'll likely find them at conventions and events, as well as on social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. These recruiters work tirelessly to build new relationships, which they view as a long-term investment that will help them seek out the best and smartest in any given industry.

Basically, if you want to be found, you have to put yourself in a position to be spotted. Get out there, attend the networking events and make sure your social media presence is professional.

The second most common way recruiters find talent that may be hidden below the surface is through referrals. If an HR professional recommends you to another hiring manager, that will bode well for you more than you may know. According to the news source, some staffing companies have even created referral programs that provide incentives to those who refer a strong candidate.

"Recruiters are people, too. Just like you, they relish compliments and value people who treat them respectfully." said hiring expert Susie Hall. "It is a 'wow' for a recruiter if you approach them saying, 'I love your website' rather than 'I'd be a good fit for this job.'"

There are a few ways to improve your chances of either meeting a recruiter through networking or being referred.

First, Hall said, make sure to connect online, since so much of hiring today occurs on the internet.

"Candidates don't think to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn," she said. "Look there for areas of commonality, such as your school or degree."

This also includes keeping up with your LinkedIn profile, making sure to put all of your greatest feats at the very top so they can be easily seen. When making a connection on LinkedIn, don't be lazy and use the template invitations. Write your own, and let them know why you want to connect.

Hall told the news source that when writing your resume, it is imperative to make sure there is a branding statement at the top of the page that shows confidence. This helps an employer see you as a necessity to their business. Make sure your resume is written with the proper keywords, since so much of recruiting now uses computerized scanning softwares that weed out candidates simply by determining if they know the proper buzzwords.

The format of your resume should also be done so that it is more visible to recruiters, which traditionally has been one sentence about your role and three bullet points about what you accomplished.

Staffing companies around the country have noted a rise in temporary employment due to the uncertain economy. Many businesses are waiting until Congress can sort out its budgetary dilemma, and in the meantime, and taking on temps to make sure all work gets done. 

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