Holiday job-shopping can help your chances greatly


Holiday job-shopping can help your chances greatly
Holiday job-shopping can help your chances greatly

As the holidays approach, some people looking to find a job may not consider the end of the year the best time to search. However, there are plenty of benefits to a worker restructuring their approach in the winter months. From turkey to tinsel, the market may be more welcoming than they'd expect.

Competition is weaker
According to Business Insider, there are about 250 resumes submitted for every corporate job posting that can be found online, and that's a relatively low estimate. But as many people normally take the end of the year to refocus their efforts and spend time with family, the news source continues that a late-season application can be a great opportunity to power through a less crowded job search. Waiting for low competition is a great way for any worker to automatically boost their chances.

Hit the ground running in the new year
After about Thanksgiving, applications through the end of the year normally don't get going until after the new year. When angling for a new position, though, getting in the pipeline early can ensure a great start at the outset of the next twelve months. That leaves a satisfying feeling that can linger through the holidays. Even if you're having trouble in the job market itself, an temporary employment agency can have a huge effect on improving your future efforts. You'll be able to stock your resume with new experience and likely find yourself a new position that will help you expand your horizons and your connections alike.

The perfect time for networking
Holiday parties are more than just a chance for you to check up with old friends, family and acquaintances. When you're trying to find a new position, you can turn to your established connection network to help with searching advice, industry updates or even, in a right-place-right-time situation, a brand-new position. The connections don't stop at just a party, however. If you have strong relationships with former co-workers or friends, offering to buy them a coffee or exchange presents can be a great segue into the nitty-gritty details of hiring itself. At the same time, giving back should be considered just as strongly as seeking your own help - providing others with the same assistance you're seeking can further boost your profile in the near future, allowing you to find even more leads than you'd expect.

Off-season for hiring? Don't worry
While many companies do indeed tone down their hiring efforts in the holiday months, this shouldn't be seen as a negative thing. In a time of slow movement for many people, getting your applications into hirers' hands can help you stand out among heavy consideration, earning you more time for your resume to rise to the top. Getting into the talent pipeline in a time of slow overall movement may help you find your way to the top much easier than during more populated times of the year.

Volunteering can't be overlooked
Another option for those who need more experience is volunteering, according to the Lansing State Journal. The holidays are full of opportunities for joining organizations and charities - not only can you give back to your community, but you may make connections you wouldn't have expected. More importantly, being able to list such experience on your resume will only bode well for your overall image.

Utilize the holiday spirit
It can't be denied that the holiday season makes people more merry and bright, and as a result many people will be more likely to help out when it comes to your job search. Staying in the holiday spirit will keep your job search efforts light, giving you a better chance to find a new job.

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