How to create an enticing LinkedIn profile


How to create an enticing LinkedIn profile
How to create an enticing LinkedIn profile

If you haven't worked on your LinkedIn profile in recent weeks, you should make this a priority. Doing so can enhance your professional image.

The options available through the website have proliferated substantially, as user profiles have evolved from basic resumes to accumulations of tools that can people can use to both look for new jobs and also network, according to Business Insider.

To stay competitive, you need to do more than list the bare minimum information such as where you went to school and your employment history.

Update Your Photo

One easy way to show that you have updated your profile is to use a new photo, the media outlet reports. This isn't a Facebook picture, so you probably shouldn't use the picture from your most recent weekend shenanigans.

However, this doesn't mean that your picture should be completely "square" and boring. Use a photo that displays your personality in a professional manner. You should avoid pictures that are blurry or involve groups and ones that involve your significant other, and make sure to be wearing something professional.

Before posting a picture, you may simply want to ask, would I hire this person if I were a recruiter or hiring manager?

Beware of Buzzwords

Is your profile composed of too many buzzwords? If so, your LinkedIn page is going to sound poorly created. A LinkedIn blog post singled out the top 10 buzzwords found on the website's profiles in 2011. They included: "creative, organizational, effective, extensive experience, track record, motivated, innovative, problem solving, communication skills and dynamic."

Business Insider reports that in addition, "multitasking, results-oriented, team player and self-starter" are words that should be avoided. Most of these words are adjectives you can use to describe yourself. You should use action words instead.

Beef Up Listed Skills

The "skills" section is important because it describes your value proposition to employers, according to the news source. It also helps them find you. The words used under skills change all the time. If you are wondering whether you are better off using "blogger" or "blogging," you can put the skill in question into the Skills search box. Doing so will create a lost of similar terms and provide information on which is the most popular.

Since LinkedIn is used by almost all employers, making some changes to your profile could ultimately help you find a job. If you are not looking, it can at the very least help you to network. 

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