How to use social media to help you find a job


How to use social media to help you find a job
How to use social media to help you find a job.

One occasionally overlooked resource that can make all the difference in a job hunt is the use of social media. With little cost to start a profile on many social media sites, you can use them as an important tool to find a job you truly want.

Using your account on a website like LinkedIn or Twitter can pay off greatly if you are able to control your brand. By demonstrating your knowledge of a topic through posts and account information, you can quickly build a reputation as an expert on that topic, which will look great for employers who search and find your profile.

There's always a conversation you can join on social media, and by doing so appropriately and effectively, you can connect with people in an industry you're interested in. By showing your stuff and communicating well, it's possible to get your name out there in an industry, which can help you get your foot in the door if you meet the right person.

By directly contacting employers you're interested in working for, or even asking industry leaders relevant questions, you can get a step ahead in a hiring process, especially if your profile shows you're qualified for the position. Getting in contact will help them remember your name and they'll have a direct way to contact you if they're interested.

Stay in control
Controlling yourself, as much as your content, is also important. Swearing excessively, tweeting too much or about inane topics, or talking negatively about your work can hurt you as much as an impressive profile can help; avoid the urges and stay professional. If your tweeting or Facebooking looks great, especially compared to those of your peers, you've got a leg up on others in your field.

Once you've mastered one social media site, immediately try to master another, as your peers will likely have multiple profiles. Social media sites can come and go, such as when MySpace was abandoned when Facebook was deemed more current, and one expert told Forbes limiting your social media output is like "giving yourself an expiration date."

Social media sites frequently give their users the ability to add work experience and complete employment information. By attaching a resume or connecting with former employers or co-workers, you can prove your experience in a field and readily show anyone viewing your information your competence in a field.

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