Improving recruiting practices with LinkedIn


Improving recruiting practices with LinkedIn
Improving recruiting practices with LinkedIn.

Recruiting in the age of the Internet can seem like it's a difficult prospect, especially for managers who may be less up to date with technology than they want to. However, most recruiting practices can easily be taken advantage of by harnessing LinkedIn.

Almost 90 percent of job seekers have social media profiles, according to Tech Cocktail, and more than a quarter of them have used LinkedIn to look for work in the past year. As LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable resource for individuals who are job searching, taking advantage of its services can be a simple prospect. Creating a personal profile should be any hiring manager's first move - establishing yourself on the service is fast, easy and free. Add as many details as possible, not just for your own services but to allow others to connect with you as well.

Creating a profile for your company should be your next step, but building it with your potential employees in mind is a must. When potential hires look at your company, most of the information they'll see is what you decide to post, so detailed and extensive descriptions need to be your priority.

Next, it's time to start developing and cultivating connections through networking on the site itself. Participating in industry discussions and posting regular updates can be a great way to start building these connections.

Further, once you determine the skills and experience that the job will entail, one of the best strategies is to partner with a staffing company. These agencies can help you build a strong pipeline of talented workers, easing the hiring process at the beginning and down the line when you experience a demand for new workers. The network of a staffing company goes well beyond LinkedIn's reach, so it's important to take full advantage of this partnership in addition to networking through the social media platform. 

Using LinkedIn, you'll also be able to see a wide variety of information about a potential hire, according to Engineer Jobs. Education, job history, personal likes and hobbies will all be on display, which can be invaluable when trying to find the perfect fit with what you're trying to achieve in your practices.

Don't rely too hard on LinkedIn in your process, though, as more detailed and in-depth consideration through the help of your staffing partner should be a crucial part of the mix. However, it can work as a valuable tool to get you started. Once you've lowered your list of candidates down to their lowest level, taking the next step via phone and in-person interviews will give a wider display of their overall skills. From there, you should easily be able to determine the finest fit for what you need.

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