Improving recruitment methods inside and outside your company


Improving recruitment methods inside and outside your company
Improving recruitment methods outside and inside your company.

Recruiting employees can be a challenge. While an improved workforce should be every hiring manager's end goal, it can be tough to know what is and isn't effective in drawing the best and brightest candidates to your company. Keeping an eye open at all times and renewing efforts regularly are just two of many ways you can make your applicant pool become better than ever, experts say.

One great approach to recruiting that should get quick results is that of "24/7/365" recruiting, according to the Phoenix Business Journal. The way to follow this approach is simple - even when you're not currently looking for employees, keep watch at all times for people who have the potential to excel under your guidance, always getting their information and building a reserve of highly qualified people at arm's reach. A staffing partner can additionally help you build these pipelines, but renewed, constant interest should be a focal point of your process.

Keeping a perpetual scouting process when it comes to your recruiting can take a few different forms. Always carry business cards - whenever you meet someone whose skills are up to snuff, you can give them the means to stay in touch with you. Searching at any gathering with some connection to your business will also turn up some good finds - at a professional event, you can observe for the right skills, knowledge and work ethic, all without needing an interview or formal approach.

Review and research with the Internet
Before you can pull in some great employees, you need to make sure they're interested in your business as well. Checking your company's public image, and how it compares to your competitors', will give you a good glimpse into what you can improve to draw a better audience. Company websites can become outdated or off-topic without frequent updates - if your literature focuses on older aspects of your business, for instance, you may have room to improve. In addition, comparing your output on websites like LinkedIn to other companies can allow you to see where you're going right or wrong.

Of course, there are a few other ways to improve your candidate pool for a wider focus. Contacting staffing companies, for instance, can give you instant access to a wide array of capable candidates, all of whom could be ready to hit the ground running from day one. You'll also be able to request employees with certain skills, and the staff will be more than happy to help in any way possible.

Additionally, looking inward instead of outward for your company's position-specific recruiting can pay great dividends, according to VentureBeat. Simply assessing your current staff and their networks can provide a much tighter focus for your employee search - between family, friends and even some people willing to move up in the ranks, your database of leads will grow more than ever. 

Show, don't just tell
Posting job listings is a classic approach to filling open positions, but it's a fairly hands-off style that may not connect with some of the best and brightest employees out there. Instead, show what you have at your disposal - a great company culture - by posting videos, photos, and other social media to display a great public image of your daily routine. Do employees routinely learn new approaches on the job? Do they work together well, or have unique ways of brainstorming? Anything that may push your ideal candidate over the edge and make them fall in love with your company can make the difference.

Exposing that company culture and highlighting it early in your employment process can help you define a laser-targeted image of your ideal hire. While that may scare off some employees who know they aren't the right fit for your environment, it can also be the key aspect that hooks another great hire for good. By allowing your company culture to shine through in the overall process, you'll attract like-minded people eager to excel in it.

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