Improving the process of submitting a resume


Improving the process of submitting a resume
Improving the process of submitting a resume

With recent reports indicating the holiday season may actually be the perfect time to ramp up the job search, unemployed professionals should begin with the basics and focus on the best ways to submit their resumes.

In a recent U.S. News & World Report article, career expert Alison Green writes that while the format of one's resume may not be a critical factor, it is important to pick one - such as Microsoft Word or a PDF file - rather than submitting two different forms of the document.

Submitting a resume through email is seemingly the most common strategy these days, and Green notes that it is important to name the document in the appropriate manner, typically with one's name and the actual word "resume."

"What you don't want to do is name it something like Resume-Edited-by-Dad.doc, or 2008Resume.pdf when it's now 2011," Green explains.

An effective cover letter is another crucial aspect of the application process, and CBS MoneyWatch suggests utilizing bullet points to allow the hiring manager to examine the document in an efficient manner.  

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