Interviewing tips for job candidates


Interviewing tips for job candidates
Job interviews can be stressful so candidates should prepare accordingly.

The U.S. economy has continued to show signs of a sustained recovery over the past few years, with private companies ratcheting up their hiring. Still, job seekers must always work to differentiate themselves during the job interview process, as they will likely be competing against a number of other candidates for the same position.

Planning appropriately for a job interview is one of the most important steps job seekers can take to help improve their chances of receiving that elusive offer, according to experts. Still, it is important that even before applying for a position, job seekers carefully choose the job postings they will respond to. If, for example, a prospective employer is looking for a professional with at least three years of experience in a certain discipline, it is prudent to have that under one's belt before sending in an application.

If an employer asks you to come in for a job interview, it is essential that you learn all you can about the company and the industry in which it operates. Experts recommend that those preparing for an interview should read through the firm's website and search for news about the business on the internet. Hiring managers are looking for workers that have a strong understanding of what their role would be in the company, and having a grasp of that is essential.

Moreover, while it may seem obvious, it is important to always dress appropriately for a job interview. Hiring managers and human resource executives assert that a large number of candidates show up for initial meetings dressed in casual attire. Men, they advise, should wear either a suit or a dress pants and a shirt-and-tie. Women, on the other hand, should make sure to wear modest clothing that is suitable for a professional environment.

Matt Proman, the founder of the National Association for Professional Women, told Forbes recently that when preparing for a job interview, prospective candidates should ask themselves a few key questions.

"The very first question to ask yourself is what are your motivations for taking the job," he told the news provider. "One you can identify what your motivations are – money, stability, upward mobility – you're better equipped to do the research necessary to make sure that this company can help you meet your goals."

What's more, experts affirm that job candidates should always have a few questions prepared before that critical interview. When researching the company prior to the meeting, you should write down a few quick questions that you could ask the person interviewing you. Hiring managers nearly always open the floor to questions at the end of a job interview, and having a few quality questions can separate you from the competition.

Lastly, experts doling out interviewing tips note that it is exceedingly important for candidates to review their resumes and any references prior to meeting with a hiring or human resources manager. Even small mistakes in grammar and punctuation could suggest that you are not a diligent or thorough worker, which could turn off a prospective employer, experts say.


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