Keywords in resumes a key way to land interviews


Keywords in resumes a key way to land interviews
Keywords in resumes a key way to land interviews

Today, modern technology may allow your resume to be read not by a manager but a computer, according to Youtern. While this doesn't mean your efforts so far in building your resume have been misguided or wrong, per se, it's important to know the value of power words, ones that will be specifically placed into a resume reader's software. In many cases, having these words in the text of your resume will guarantee you make it through to an interview - even if it's read by a human instead of an application, they will also impress any hiring manager.

Working with others
Employers want to know that they can trust you to fit in with other employees, which means they'll want to see specific words related to teamwork. Leadership skills, complete with a situation where you were able to put them to good use, are one key aspect to list. A similar word that hiring managers will love to see is collaboration, where you were able to utilize teamwork with others correctly. Keep in mind that employers frequently want to see these words connected in some frame of mind related to the job search - as a result, give indicators of where problems began and ended or where projects brought your team, for a better image of your skills.

Personal strengths
While they want to know you can work with others, many employers will also want you to be good at working out problems by yourself. Two key phrases that will give positive results from just about any hiring official are those of "self-learner" and "problem-solver," which go hand-in-hand in their general strengths as well. Employers want someone tenacious who can guide themselves through difficult processes, and these words, especially with context, will help you put your best foot forward in the process.

Figures and industry-specific information
Employers love statistics, and that's one trend that won't end anytime soon. Though they should be concise, anything that can help you bolster your changes will work, from sales figures to circulation numbers. Employers want to know your skills before they take a chance on you, and by giving them something to work with you'll strengthen their views of you.

At the same time, tracking down industry-specific keywords will often be necessary. According to the Columbus Republic, employers' job ads will be a key place to find important keywords that only apply to a select few jobs - by using these in your job descriptors, you're one step ahead of the game.

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