Leveraging the power of recommendations in job searches


Leveraging the power of recommendations in job searches
Candidates can garner great benefits from strategizing in order to obtain and utilize powerful recommendations.

Candidates who are conducting job searches can benefit from developing a strategy that will help them to obtain great recommendations and then leverage the endorsements when applying to open positions.

Job seekers who develop plans to gather these valuable recommendations can benefit from reviewing various suggestions that have been created by market experts such as job coaches and human resources consultants.

One key strategy involves candidates always being on the lookout for opportunities to obtain solid references by being aware of contacts that may be able to provide them, according to an opinion piece written by career coach, author and entrepreneur Miriam Salpeter in U.S. News and World Report.

Job seekers who are developing a strategy to obtain excellent recommendations should identify the parties that will provide the best endorsements, according to the media outlet. This group of potential sources will likely include the direct supervisor of the candidate, but could also include reports and clients. Individuals that are recent college graduates or existing students can turn to their professors for recommendations if they do not have the contacts they need due to a lack of professional work experience.

Once the individuals who can provide potential recommendations have been identified, the candidate who wants to obtain these endorsements should follow certain practices when requesting assistance from their contacts.

A job seeker should always request permission before using anyone as a recommendation, the news source reports. Potential sources of this assistance should be approached individually, instead of contacted in bulk. People want to feel like they are doing something important by supplying a recommendation for a candidate.

There are various means of delivering a recommendation, including a phone call, an email and also by using the social media website LinkedIn. Job seekers who want to put effort towards accumulating recommendations on LinkedIn can showcase them in a way that can be used by hiring managers, recruiters and other people working for employment agencies.

Forbes reports that there are various strategies that candidates can use when gathering recommendations for the social media website. Hiring managers and recruiters have increased their use of LinkedIn over time, but applicants who want to use it to showcase their talents should be sure that the endorsements are written in certain ways so that they will provide value in seeking out employment.

LinkedIn recommendations should reveal exactly what the person did and what the results were, according to the media outlet. For example, a sales representative could post recommendations indicating that he exceeded quotas by 120 percent during one month, and 110 percent the next.

Candidates should be careful to only contact individuals for recommendations if the potential source of the endorsement is familiar with the work of the job seeker, the news source reports. While this suggestion may simply seem like common sense, there are plenty of people who solicit LinkedIn connections they hardly know for these recommendations. Displaying recommendations from people who do not know the candidates well and what value they contribute will not help a person looking for work.

Once job seekers gain approval to receive the recommendation they want, they can improve their chance of having valuable information conveyed by reminding the person they are contacting of the work that the two parties have done together, according to U.S. News and World Report. A candidate can help ensure that the writer has the information they need by supplying materials such as a current resume, as well as reiterating accomplishments and talents.

Individuals who are conducting job searches can benefit from gathering various recommendations and preparing the right combination of these endorsements for every potential employment opportunity.

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