LinkedIn: A great tool for job seekers


LinkedIn: A great tool for job seekers
LinkedIn provides job seekers with many tools to look for a position.

Social media website LinkedIn can provide job seekers with many benefits, including excellent opportunities for networking and methods of researching companies.

Applicants who work with employment agencies to find a position can supplement their job search by using LinkedIn, since job seekers can also realize many benefits by using the social media website.

One way that candidates can use LinkedIn to network with the right individuals and position themselves effectively involves joining groups on the website. LinkedIn groups represent collections of individuals who have a certain interest, which makes it easier for participants to find people who can help them achieve their goals.

Job candidates should be sure to research groups before joining them. Every group description contains information on the number of members and whether there has been activity lately. This information should give the LinkedIn user a sense of the potential benefit that might be derived from joining the group.

An opinion piece in Business 2 Community recommends that LinkedIn users join alumni groups, as these can be particularly productive. Alums frequently enjoy helping out other people who went to the same school. Job seekers can benefit from joining the LinkedIn group for organizations they already belong to, as this action can help to reinforce their presence.

Special groups for job candidates also exist, and these can help people who are looking for work to find positions of interest and people who might connect them to job opportunities such as employment agencies and recruiters.

Once users have joined the appropriate groups, they can benefit greatly from engaging in the conversations there. Participating in LinkedIn discussions can benefit users in many ways. People can utilize discussion threads to converse with other users of similar interests.

These conversations can be turned into connections. You can always invite them to join your network, or they may invite you after reading some of your posts. LinkedIn users can utilize groups on the website for researching industries they want to work in.

Individuals can also use LinkedIn groups to connect with individuals who work at companies that are currently hiring. Connections such as these can be beneficial in many ways. Job seekers can reach out to these contacts to gather information on places they want to apply to, while employees of the company can give them the inside scoop. Also, they might be able to provide a job applicant with a referral to the hiring manager for the position, which can help a person looking for a job to stand out.

Business 2 Community provided various tips on how to effectively engage other users via LinkedIn discussions. For finding easy information on what conversations to participate in, users can sign up for daily or weekly notifications of which discussions are happening. A user should be sure to read existing comments in order to avoid duplication and put thought into their responses in order to make the right impression. People should also get a sense of the quality of other comments before posting. Users should watch out for discussions that have lots of spam, or ones that have very few comments.

There are more important considerations to keep in mind when commenting on LinkedIn discussions, according to the media outlet. Just because your comments do not receive a reply, doesn't mean they are going unread.

The more times a LinkedIn user provides worthwhile information via discussions that happen on the website, the more likely other users will be to contact them. People can utilize these discussions as a means of proving their expertise and establishing credibility. Positioning of this nature certainly can't hurt a person's job search prospects. 

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