Looking elsewhere to find a job


Looking elsewhere to find a job
Looking elsewhere to find a job

Although the economy appears to be in a start-and-stall mode, more jobs are being advertised on popular job boards and in the media, while data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows some sectors are surging ahead of others when it comes to hiring.

However, according to the Modesto Bee, the best way to find a job may not be to flock to the same sources as everyone else, but to set yourself apart as a job seeker by looking in new places. This can be achieved by listening to and studying employment trends.

The media outlet states that as more companies announce they plan to increase their hiring activity - especially companies that may be a leader in their field - opportunities typically arise in other areas besides just the highly publicized company. This, says Princess Clark-Wendel of Princess Clark Consulting Inc., is where job seekers should look to make their move.

"If you hear about a company hiring, it’s likely hundreds of other people did, too," she said. "Avoid the line and getting lost in the pack. Forget about them and speak to their competitors. Industries tend to grow forward and decline together. When the company hiring is small, go to the market leader, which might be replacing people."

Clark-Wendel pointed out that companies that are hiring for up to 300 people are most likely a segment of an industry that has ample room for growth. If such an announcement is made, checking out the company's competitors may be a good idea, even if they are not outwardly announcing new positions.

"Maybe they’re not hiring now," she explains. "Offer your skills as an independent contractor, because they might need them even during layoffs."

By staying current with trends, you can offer services that are the most in-demand right now. Some of these, Clark-Wendel says, include tech tools, HR consultants and social media advisors. As technology, mobile access and social media have become an essential part of the workplace, offering employers services in these areas can make you all the more attractive.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the manufacturing industry showed the highest employment growth last month, up 12,000, while the professional and business services industry, which includes temporary staffing, remained at a high level. 

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