Making your temporary gig a permanent job


Companies often need short-term workers to perform a range of tasks and for various projects, and while most job seekers don't go into these contract positions with the idea that it could become a permanent job, that dream could become a reality if the appropriate steps are taken, according to Forbes.

According to the news source, those who are job searching could have the best luck with finding a temporary position, which serves as a "foot in the door" approach to permanent hiring. By gaining access to a company through a temp position, workers get a glimpse of the feel and culture of a company, and in turn, offer a glimpse of themselves to company officials. This could be all the difference when hiring managers look through applications of both internal and external applicants.

There is always a segment of the population that actively chooses to go into temporary work - whether it is to keep their lives flexible, earn some extra money or even try out a new job in a new career - but a large portion of these job seekers would take a permanent position if it were offered to them.

“The vast majority of temp workers I know are desperately hoping to parlay that experience into something full-time, either with that company or by taking the experience they gain and moving on elsewhere," said Michael Kerr, an international business speaker, author and president of Humor at Work.

Kerr added that he has witnessed a major increase in the number of applicants for temporary positions in the last few years, which in turn has led to a leap in employment in the temporary jobs sector. This, he said, was also largely due to the shaky jobs environment, according to Forbes.

According to David Shindler, employability specialist and author of Learning to Leap, excelling in a temporary position can sometimes lead the company to create a new job strictly for the worker, a position employers believe would allow the worker to further make a large impact on what the company has to offer.

This demand is reflected in the number of temp workers that were hired in September, which is currently at its highest since 2009, according to ValueWalk. 

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