Networking is a powerful tool


Networking is a powerful tool
Networking is a powerful tool

Networking can serve as a powerful tool in many ways for those who are job searching.

If people looking to find a job can network effectively, it can provide their careers with tremendous benefit, according to Julia Hobsbawm, who has been referred to as "professor of schmooze" and "networking queen," the media outlet reports.

Cass Business School of City University, London, recently appointed Hobsbawm visiting professor in networking. She told the news source that in the current labor market, job seekers cannot afford to ignore the possibilities presented by networking.

Hobsbawm told the media outlet that the ability to network effectively could differentiate a highly skilled worker from a mediocre worker.

"I think professional workers and their employers are going to come to appreciate and understand networking as more of a hard skill than a soft skill," she stated. "We take for granted now that certain types of qualifications have to be achieved, and in this global marketplace, where a worker in Nairobi, or a worker in Bombay, or a worker in New York or London, is directly competing with workers they've never met, what will give them the edge is the knowledge skills."

Individuals who want to network and not worry about feeling superficial or selfish can simply keep in mind what they can do for others when meeting new potential contacts. If a job seeker who is looking to meet people can maintain a mental inventory of what his contacts offer and what they are looking for, a candidate can provide the individuals he encounters with valuable contacts.

Helping a job seeker to find a role or alternatively, helping a hiring manager to find the candidates they need can leave a lasting impression. While it can be rewarding to help others, people who are looking to find a job need to be sure to help themselves by making valuable contacts and then nurturing these relationships over time.

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