Overcoming shyness during the job search


Overcoming shyness during the job search
Overcoming shyness during the job search

Performing a job search can be a trying time for anyone, but people who have traditionally been shy or introverted may have an especially difficult time when it comes to getting out there and making their name known.

This certainly isn't to suggest that shy job seekers lack the necessary skills and tools necessary to land a job, though. According to U.S. News and Money Report, all it takes is tapping into the strengths that are already there and bolstering them a bit. 

According to the news source, there are several traits of introverts that make the job search difficult. Often, these people prefer to have a few meaningful relationships, as opposed to a vast network of contacts whom they only know a little about. While this can be a hindrance, the creative, plan-based and strategic mindset of these candidates can be more than enough to offset any minor setbacks.

Smaller meetings
One of the best ways for shy job seekers to meet with potential contacts is to set up one-on-one meetings. The crowded and loud scene at a networking event or party can be distracting, and keep shy job seekers from networking at their best. 

"It isn't as though they can't network—they can—they're just more comfortable meeting individuals one at a time. And because introverts are good listeners, they come across as likable," wrote Hannah Morgan, author career advice blog Career Sherpa. "The secret to maximizing your listening skills is not to worry about what you will say next."

Passion goes a long way
What many shy job seekers lack in sociability they often make up for in passion. According to the media outlet, even the most introverted job seeker can see a newfound sense of confidence when the conversation turns to something he or she has studied extensively or feels strongly about. This is the candidate's time to shine, and can really make a difference whether it's during an elevator pitch or a formal interview. 

"Look and listen for opportunities to share your interests during an interview and when networking," Morgan added. "Better yet, plan ways to gently steer the conversation toward these areas and ask questions. Undoubtedly, you will have an opportunity to share your accomplishments."

According to Psychology Today, it's extremely important for shy job seekers to identify strengths and be able to talk about them fluidly during an interview. This means not apologizing to a potential employer about being introverted, but rather owning it, and even feigning confidence at times if it is necessary.

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