Prospects in engineering promising across the board


Prospects in engineering promising across the board
Prospects in engineering promising across the board.

Engineering is a wide and varied field with many specializations, but no matter the specific knowledge they possess, qualified candidates remain in high demand across the country.

Mechanical engineers, for example, are expected to remain in demand - job opportunities abound not just for recent graduates, but anyone in the field. Mechanical engineering was listed as the fifth-most sought-after degree by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, and the position as a whole features some of the shortest job searches in all hiring, according to College Recruiter.

Much of the newfound desire for companies looking to hire mechanical engineers is due to their varied abilities from creation to innovation to leadership, and their skills are not expected to diminish in the near future. Growth in the engineering subfield is predicted at 9 percent through 2020, which means more than 20,000 jobs are expected to be introduced into the market - and those who stay up to date on the latest technology should have especially high success rates, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The wide variety of options in engineering means many specific disciplines will remain in high demand, according to the Houston Chronicle. Engineering jobs as a whole are expected to climb by 11 percent through 2018 as industry-specific specializations from energy to software look to fill more positions.

Options high across the board
Job opportunities are high across the entire engineering market, Houston Community College Northwest associate dean of instructional support Mark Tiller told the news source. Some of the highest demand ranges from electrical to mechanical engineering, as well as civil and chemical disciplines. Electrical engineers can expect high job growth to continue with a 6 percent spike through 2020, and an additional 17,600 jobs expected to be created, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

One specific career expected to see a newfound hike in interest is the industrial engineer, according to Industry Week, as a renewed interest in manufacturing has created more than half a million American jobs in the past three years. As a result, those manufacturing plants need supervisors who can readily discover increased methods of production, a skill that both manufacturing and quality engineers are trained to excel at. With job growth in those fields expecting to increase by at least 6 percent, these positions can become incredibly valuable for problem solving in both overall production and in the specific field they're involved in.

New technological advance
Advanced manufacturing knowledge and open-source software innovations have led to wide-scale improvements across the entire manufacturing industry, in addition, as advanced modeling and increased ability to optimize overall design have allowed for improved results for mechanical engineers' output. As a result, the requirements of the job are more varied than ever, and companies need to hire more experts.

Governmental motions, such as the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, have signaled further improvement in the future. Investment in national security manufacturing, reduction of material production time, a newfound focus on robotics, increased efficiency of manufacturing and developing new design, building and testing possibilities are all expected to widely increase the capabilities of the engineering field all around, from the software that will power machines to the materials that will be created.

As a result, the job outlook in the technological center for software developers and design engineers is the brightest of all - BLS statistics predict a 30 percent growth through 2020, with more than 250,000 jobs overall to be added to the field. Demand for computer software of all kinds - from computer applications, to growing emphasis on mobile phone technology, and even in new fields like vehicle and appliance systems - will only stand to further push the overall increase in engineering hiring higher than ever.

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