Recovery going strong in temporary staffing industry


Recovery going strong in temporary staffing industry
Recovery going strong in temporary staffing industry

When Tylene Law took a job as a traveling nurse, which she received by talking with a temporary staffing agency, she joined the thousands who have found similar work  as temporary employees. So many people are switching to temp staffing, in fact, that it is helping staffing companies return to pre-recession activity, and is helping them become some of the first to truly feel the economic recovery, the Omaha World Herald reports.

According to the news source, recent data from Staffing Industry Analysts show some staffing firms saw revenue drop as much as 25 percent in 2009, however recent jumps in show the industry is surging back to earlier levels. Staffing Industry Analysts projects that the temporary medical staffing sector could see growth as strong as 9 percent in 2012 alone.

However, the fluctuation in the success of staffing agencies is nothing new, the media outlet stated. Often, these companies thrive during recovery periods, as companies look to first build a flexible workforce as they test the waters of the recovering economy. Temporary hiring has been strong throughout 2012, and with the unemployment rate recently falling to 7.8 percent from 8.1 percent, it appears projections that temporary staffing rises before permanent staffing may be holding true.

According to the Boston Globe, HR professionals say there is a huge demand for temp workers in a number of fields, however currently, the IT, financial analysis and senior staff accounting sectors appear to have the best prospects for job seekers looking for temporary work. Although August's employment report showed a hiring environment that appeared to be slumping, many analysts stated that one month of softening is not indicative of any kind of trend.

This was reinforced by the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which showed that the number of job losses and people who completed temporary jobs fell by 468,000 to 6.5 million, suggesting a more stable environment.

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